UberStax Color Expansion - Universal Game Piece Holders

Created by David Papp

UberStax Color Expansion - Universal Game Piece Holders
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Estimated Shipping Date: February 2017
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UberStax 6-Pack
UberStax come in packages of 6 pieces of the same color.
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Limited Edition UberStax Storage Bag
Sample image for black nylon mesh storage bag with drawstring. Dimensions 21 cm x 26 cm (8" x 10"... more »
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It's been a year since the first successful Kickstarter campaign introducing überStax, a unique universal game piece holder that easily interlocks and stacks. The initial campaign paved the way to a first production run of the original six colors (white, black, blue, red, green and yellow). However, we received many requests for more colors to accessorize the game table, and with another successful campaign it's going to happen!

With UberStax 2.0, we will introduce the four most requested colors: ORANGE, PURPLE, BROWN and GREY.


Rest assured, these 4 new colors are exactly the same as the original 6 in design. They are fully compatible and will all stack together. The new colors are to help enhance your game play!



überStax is a new twist on an old idea. For years table-top, card, and token games have posed challenges for some players. We've all experienced Dominos with too many tiles. Children can struggle with the manual dexterity required to manipulate a hand of cards. Disabilities due to injury or illness can prevent some people from enjoying a simple game of cards.

We've heard from experienced card players, board game players, parents, RPG gamers, and combined that feedback with our own tabletop play experience.

überStax helps address these challenges and provides other benefits.


GAMA Trade Show by The Dice Tower

GAMA Trade Show Walk-Through by Rahdo

UberStax Unboxing by Rahdo

Shaw TV Social Gaming Feature









überStax is an injection molded (prototypes were 3D printed) Universal Game Piece Holder, with a difference. With ease, you can fit the überStax racks together to build the size and orientation needed for the game pieces in play.

Pieces are molded with pins and grooves to allow Stax to be built up taller and wider than a single rack providing ample space for cards, tiles, tokens or anything else you can make fit (Smartphone? Tablet? Score sheet?).

For small games, use just 2 plates to build a single plate rack. With 3 plates it allows you to go two wide, and 6 plates you can go two wide and two high.





We've play tested überStax with many popular games which will be familiar to any gaming enthusiast. Some of the games include:










There are countless ways to configure überStax pieces. They can be built horizontally and stacked vertically to accomodate any gameplay scenario or purpose. The more pieces you have, the more elaborate your configurations can be. It all starts with a strong base, which needs to expand to provide stability as more pieces are added to the configuration.  









Manufacturing these game accessory pieces in bulk requires a process called injection molding and the minimum quantities are very large to keep the per unit costs low for you.

Each new color introduced has its own minimum quantity (in the thousands) and that is why another campaign is required. We have received numerous requests since our first campaign last year (fall 2015) to get other popular game colors, specifically Brown, Orange, Purple, and Grey.

I am also shipping everything by overseas container to help contain per unit costs. These expensive upfront volume costs help make the individual product affordable. The shipping on the first campaign was more expensive than all the packaging and production costs combined.


We have add-ons to pledges so you can get extra UberStax pieces.

Each multiple of $8 CAD (~$6 USD) in additional pledge will provide you with an extra 6-pack of UberStax. This is a blended rate that includes the UberStax with incremental additional shipping. e.g. add $16 CAD (~$12 USD) to your pledge and get 12 extra UberStax pieces (2 packages) added to your reward tier.


To add an add-on to your pledge, follow these steps:

1) Press the 'Manage Your Pledge' button above. If you have not pledged yet, it will say 'Back this Project'.

2) Increase your pledge in the 'Pledge Amount' box by the total of the add-ons you want to add. e.g. If you want 24 extra UberStax pieces, add $32 CAD (~$24 USD) to the pledge amount (For 4 extra 6-packs resulting in 24 extra pieces, it is 4 times $8 CAD (~$6 USD)).

3) After the end of the Kickstarter campaign you will receive a survey that will ask you questions. There you will be able to select how you would like the add-on pledge amount assigned. This is where you will select the extra 6-packs of UberStax and also choose from available colors for each 6-pack in your add-ons and your backer reward.

Stretch Goals are great - they are our way of saying "Thanks for funding this amazing project!".